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Hide-Away at Cameron Lane is proud to announce that they
have about 60 volunteers as of today!
Volunteers are always needed to act as side-walkers to stabilize the rider and leaders to lead and control the horse. Other volunteers are needed to help with the business component of Cameron Lane and for the upkeep of the premises.

Co-Executive Director - John Hansen, Jr.
Co-Executive Director - Shirley Pharo

Program Director
- Gayle Vondy
Activity Director - Harry Kinner

Executive Board: John Hansen Jr., Shirley Pharo, Jennfer Hays, Mike Grinnan, Peggy Garner, and Brett Legg.

Senior representatives: Harold Thomas, Leonard & Shirley Matthies, Verlin Garner, Willie Sharp and Patti Caldwell.

Teen representatives: Zack Kinder, Chelsea Carpenter, & Cody Castilla

Hide-Away at Cameron Lane
Travel Trailer for
Tac and Supplies....