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Why Ride?
Special Thanks
     Riding a horse has proven to be beneficial to children and adults with mild to severe neuromusculoskeltal dysfunction.

     While people are an important part of our program, horses are our partners and we simply would not have a program without them. Not just any horse is a HACL horse. Horses have to meet stringent guidelines in order to be used. While we are fortunate to have a number of exceptional horses in our area, the qualities that our program horses must posess are infinite. Most of all, they must have heart and the spirit to be a volunteer themselves. It is with great appreciation that we thank our equine partners:

   Angel is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse, which is a breed of gaited horse. Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their smooth and fast four beat gait called the running walk. While Angel currently lives on the Lazy Y Arrow Ranch when she is not being used for HACL, she was originally born in Montana!
   Cricket belongs to Mary Kate Grinnan of Burlington, Colorado. While she is a grade or mixed breed horse, she is also know by her color, which is palomino. Cricket is a very willing partner and volunteer - while she may have a golden coat, she also has a heart of gold!
   HACL uses me, Cedar, in a special way. At only 8 hands tall, I am utilized as a cart horse. The older gentlemen in the organization who used to drive a team in the fields are pleased to drive me around the fairgrounds. At the last riding session last fall all of the therapeutic riders were given the opportunity to ride in the cart; this was a tremendous thrill for them and a fitting activity to end the session.
   My name is 'Sundance' and I am the oldest horse currently working at HACL. The Vaughn family purchased me as a striking palomino appaloosa weanling 25 years ago. The family said that I used to be  a knothead but after spending 20 years in feedlots and county events I am now very gentle. One time a thirsty six year old rode me into the kitchen to get a drink of water and an apple treat. I will do anything for you.
   I got my name 'Red' because of my beautiful deep red color. At 23 I am considered to be an old horse and sometimes I limp. For over 10 years I competed in barrel racing, poles, and flags in gymkhanas. Even though I am a tall hourse at 16 hands, anyone can ride me. I am not at all spooky and I love children. My current family has grandchildren who ride up up and down the driveway and I know enough not to go out into the road with them.
 Bio Coming Soon!
Twinkle Toes
 Bio Coming Soon!
Buddy Boy
We thank Buddy Boy for his willingness to give his all for Hide-Away at Cameron Lane. Buddy Boy has wintered his last Colorado storm on the plains and moved on to greener pastures, but he will not be forgotten anytime soon. A horse like him just doesn’t come along every day.