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Hide-Away at Cameron Lane, Inc was founded by
John Hansen, Shirley Pharo, and Charri McArthur.
     Hide-Away at Cameron Lane came into existence in February of 2003 when a small group met to evaluate the idea of providing horseback riding as therapy and recreation to members of the community. Being aware of the benefits individual with special needs might experience, the decision was made to target this area. During the summer months, volunteers brought their horses to the fairgrounds in Burlington, Colorado where other volunteers and prospective riders were waiting. Three people are needed to aid with each rider, one to lead the horse and two to serve as sidewalkers. Most of the summer programs consisted of six one hour sessions for each rider. Progress of each individual was evident and consistent, and it was soon apparent that so much more might be accomplished if the program could be ongoing all year. There have been changes in leadership over the years, but always the benefit to the indvidual participants has been the priority. This past year the leaders are restructuring and rejuvenating the organization. The goals now are to continue the program while seriously working toward acqusition of a home base where riding can be enjoyed all year long. Another goal is to reach out to an even larger populace, both in ages, and in area. This is a community project to benefit those in the community.
     Our program currently consists of two (2) six-week sessions during the nice part of the year. Each weekly session consists of a 1 hour class with the rider and horse. During this time the rider will spend on the horse as well as grooming and ground work.
Hide-Away at Cameron Lane has developed the following phases...
1 - Purchase Land
The acquisition of land near Burlington, land large enough to build an indoor arena and have pasture ground for future expansion.
2 - Indoor Arena
To build an indoor arena so that we can offer therapy and recreational riding all year long.
3 - Purchase Horses and Paddocks
To purchase some sound horses for the program and build paddocks to house them.
4 - Expand
We would like to expand our program as the surrounding communities needs arise.